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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friday Night's Wine Tasting

Friday night (9/6/13) we hosted a fun coconut liquor to signify the end of the summer. 

This drink is a traditional Caribbean coquito, delicious all year round, and perfect for the large holiday get together. 

Remember: tastings are free and you receive a 15% discount on the promoted item of the night.

The Coconut Cream liqueur, served chilled, is perfectly refreshing during any weather. Although the summer has come to a close, having a sip of this will bring you right back to summer time fun. 

At anytime you're wishing to mix up your usual drink, try this savory Puerto Rican liqueur, now available at the store for $18.99.

Our buddy Eddy hosted the tasting last night and we'd like to thank him for stopping by. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Friday Night's Wine Tasting

Friday night (7/12/13) we hosted another wine tasting at the store. 

This event was also mentioned in our calendar and those who signed up for our mailing list also received notification of the event with an added plus of a week long coupon. 
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As always, tastings are free and you receive a 15% discount on the promoted item of the night.

Back to the tasting:

Our featured wine of the night was a dry and crisp 
Badissa Pinot Grigio. 

This wine is perfect for the warm summer afternoons recently hitting our hometown of Brooklyn. It has a distinctive aroma, a rich taste and a smooth finish. This white wine from Italy can be chilled and goes well with light seafood dishes.

So if the heat is getting to you or you're cooking up some shrimp or fish pop open a Pinot, or more specifically this Badissa product for only $9.99.

(Above) Pictured is Matt showing off Badissa to frequent customer Marie 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Last Night's Wine Tasting

As mentioned in our calendar we had a tasting last night (07/11/13), featuring Muscadet, Chardonnay and Sweet Red & White.

The tasting was free and if you purchased any of the wines you would get a 15% off on each item.

Our sweets were very popular; Sweet Red sold almost a whole case.

In describing the wines our resident expert Chino Villa explains each product:
Our Chardonnay from the Russian River had a tasty mineral flavor to it balanced out by the fruit creating a refreshing experience.

The Muscadet (Cremant de Bourgogne) had a creamy finish with a crisp quality.

We also had Sweet Chardonnay and the choice of our Thursday night crowd: Sweet Cabernet Sauvignon, which is not really sweet but can be described as semi-sweet. This red wine can also be served chilled as well.